Therapy disguised as play.

Parents and caregivers often ask, 'What is Occupational Therapy?' In the simplest terms, it's therapy for what occupies your child's time. Whether that be playing, self-care, school, writing or interacting with others. 

Occupational Therapy Evaluation: 
This evaluation addresses your specific concerns for your child. It will assess your child’s overall functional abilities, strengths, and areas of need. The complete evaluation consists of standardized assessments appropriate for your child’s age, caregiver questionnaires and clinic observations. Given in my fun and inviting clinic, an evaluation typically takes approximately two hours. A detailed report provides your child’s results, typically within two weeks. When the report is ready, I’ll contact you to discuss the evaluation findings and my recommendations. Evaluations are $495.

Prior to the evaluation, please download and complete the caregiver questionnaire found here. If you can, please email the form to me at prior to the evaluation. It helps me prepare for the session with your child. If you’re unable to send it beforehand, please bring the completed form on the day of the evaluation.

If the child has had an occupational therapy evaluation within the past year, a new evaluation is not needed, unless you would prefer otherwise. Please send me the previous occupational therapy evaluation when you provide the caregiver questionnaire.

Treatment Sessions:
Treatment sessions at Oakhurst Occupational Therapy are fun! Children are excited to visit my clinic and me. They think are just coming to play but they’re really getting the help they need. I tailor the “play” to address your child’s specific treatment needs. Sessions typically last one hour. Each consists of fifty minutes of direct treatment. The final ten minutes of each session are used to transition your child and discuss homework with you. Caregivers are free to leave the clinic during the first fifty minutes of the treatment session, but please return for the last ten minutes. The duration and frequency of treatment vary and are dependent on the evaluation findings and recommendations.  One hour sessions are $125.

Re-evaluations typically occur every six months, but can occur at three, nine, or twelve-month intervals. It really depends on your child’s specific needs. An assessment of goals reached and needed testing will occur during scheduled treatment sessions.

Developmental Screening:  
This screening addresses fine motor, gross motor, self-help, and sensory processing. It uses a combination of observations, questionnaires, and portions of assessments. It provides suggestions for you to use at home. However, a detailed report and standardized scores are not included in this screening. If you’re a parent or caregiver that has some concerns (i.e., handwriting), but isn’t necessarily ready for a full occupational therapy evaluation, this screening is perfect for you. I can conduct this screening in my clinic. Or, if you have your concerns that are based at home or the child’s school, I can do the screening there. After the screening, if a full occupational therapy evaluation is recommended, the amount paid for the screening can be put toward the full evaluation fee (within six months of the screening). Screenings are $275 and take 1-1.5 hours.